Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ok now

Okay y'all I just found out yesterday, that tomorrow I have to take the DWA that is a writing test that is really big and scary. i just realized that I also have an orchestra performance that day as well. So I will have to book it down to the writing lab as soon as I finish. So last night I had a dream about the DWA and it went like this. "I was taking the DWA test and I started out the first paragraph good, but then I started to ramble about things I like in my life and things I don't like, I was about to turn it in when the teacher told me I could not turn a paper like that in so I stayed at school until midnight and I did better than any other student, I turned it in and got 1% when everyone else got 100%. I felt soooo sad I wanted to cry, but I didn't." So that is how it went, I think I might be stressing on this too much but I feel like I'm not stressing any more since that dream. So thanks for listening to my sad story of life. Hope you enjoyed!

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