Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Seating test

Guess what everyone!!! I got second chair on my seating test for orchestra!! I can't believe it I got a hundred percent, and I got second best chair. It is so amazing I can't believe I did it this is huge for me and I can't wait to tell everyone in my family. I feel good to finally have done it!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I can't believe it my sister is finally coming up for her spring break (which regrettably is not the same week as our spring break, makes me mad Grrrrr..., but we will have one day free with her, our make up snow day so we have to do lots together that day) I love my life (unlesss i hate my life but thats not the point). As I have said before she is one amazing gal and I am so happy for her to come up!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Today I finally became a teacher and moved out of the Decon's quorum. Although I am sad that I left a lot of friends behind I am excited to be in the teachers quorum and I am happy to make new friends there too. My dad ordained me and is totally amazing I hope I will remember this day for a long time.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Imagine this

Imagine what would happen if you didn't go to just any school, but instead you went to a magic school of study. You would have your own dorm room, go to different classes that are amazingly fun, and make tons of new friends. Learn different spells and summon cool creatures. And maybe have control over some of the elements. I have one question for you about this would you rather have this as a summer school, or replace your normal school? If you had it as summer school, you would still have to keep up with your other studies in normal school. But If you would have it replace your normal school, you would devote most of your time to that school. Well, Which would It be?

Ok now

Okay y'all I just found out yesterday, that tomorrow I have to take the DWA that is a writing test that is really big and scary. i just realized that I also have an orchestra performance that day as well. So I will have to book it down to the writing lab as soon as I finish. So last night I had a dream about the DWA and it went like this. "I was taking the DWA test and I started out the first paragraph good, but then I started to ramble about things I like in my life and things I don't like, I was about to turn it in when the teacher told me I could not turn a paper like that in so I stayed at school until midnight and I did better than any other student, I turned it in and got 1% when everyone else got 100%. I felt soooo sad I wanted to cry, but I didn't." So that is how it went, I think I might be stressing on this too much but I feel like I'm not stressing any more since that dream. So thanks for listening to my sad story of life. Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


As you might not know already I love avatar stuff ( the last airbender) so I am going to post which a test to figure out what you are I will list the test. Remember as soon as you finish write your answers on the comments page and I will post what you are okey dokey here we gokey:

1 My favorite thing to do in school is...
A. study hard, but have fun with friends
B. I am the class clown, but I still learn
C. I don't like to be noticed
D. I try to learn, but I get easily distracted with talking to friends

2. My favorite subject is...
A. Music
B. When I am free to explore ideas, create, physics confuse me.
C. Science

3. The natural disaster that I hate most is...
A. Volcanos
B. Earthquakes
C. Tsunami
D. Tornados

4. If I had to chose a weapon, I would choose...
A Double bladed sword, Don't like to hurt people but will if I have to
B A wood stick, I don't want to hurt someone
C Two one sided swords, I will chop you up if you get in my way
D A war Hammer, It's the easiest to weild

5 I pride myself on...
A being a leader, helping others, being calm, sarcasm
B Being wise at times, but alway ready for a joke
C being able to defend myself, crafty, and tricky
D being strong mentally (or physically, always doing what I know is right

6. I need to work on...
A giving leadership to others, controlling my emotions
B stop joking when it isn't the time to, being more confident in myself
C keeping a level head, not wanting revenge, not bearing Grudges
D Not bullying, understanding others, be willing to help others

7. What kind of weather I like...
A Rainy Days
B Windy Days
C Sunny Days
D Cloudy Days

8 A kind of Try to stop it, it's not nice.
B Gossip about the person Gossiping
C go up to the person and blow my top.
D Don't Care, it's not my problem

12. My favorite season is
A Winte\\tuck up, and think they know better than me

9 At a party I...
A go with the crowd, occasionally get refreshments, help clean up
B am the center of attention, everyone laughs with me
C sit in a corner with a friend and talk, I don't go with the crowd
D do the hardest dance moves, talk with friends about sports

10 If someone makes fun of my friend I...
A Stick up for them, comfort them and make the bully feel wrong they did a bad thing.
B Run away with my friend, as long as they can't catch me I am safe.
C Get in the bullies face and do a trick to make them run, maybe make them cry.
D I'm not good with comebacks but my appearance (or Reputation)

11 If I hear someone gossiping I...
A Try to stop it, it's not nice.
B Gossip about the person Gossiping
C go up to the person and blow my top.
D Don't Care, it's not my problem

12. My favorite season is
A Winter, Snow!
B Fall, colors
C Summer, the heat
D Spring, ground is wet and blooming

Remember to post your answers in the comments box below and I will identify you as you are
Ian Woodward


Guess what yesterday was my birthday and it was so amazing! (Even though my dad is on a business trip and I was sad that he wasn't there but it was still pretty great) I got so many great things and I loved to have so much fun. During school it was amazing, because I got so little homework, it was weird. :scratch scratch: I hope you had an amazing day as well, but the one bad thing is you realize that the next day is not your birthday, so you get sad but you're happy that you have a good day like this. I went and saw "Megamind" and it was ok but I liked it. Some of the things that they said in there was pretty funny. We ate out and got some good food, after that I opened presents with my family (Except for my dad and sister, my sister is in college) I got a cool video thingy, and I got the movie "Avatar the last Airbender." (thank you parents/siblings) I've heard some bad and good things about it, but I'll just have to see for myself before I decide what to rate it. I got candy (thank you) and I got some great clothes from my grandparents. They are pretty amazing (thank you) I got a great card from my aunt Jamie and uncle Josh and I was exited to recieve a sobe along with the candy. My parents as you can see are amazing and I hope I will get to spend a lot of time with them. Same with my siblings. I miss you Marina can't wait to see you at spring break.